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Mango leather also known as Fruit leather is a natural and sustainable material made from mango waste. What sets us apart from existing alternatives is our commitment to utilizing bio-polymers derived from fermented fiber material obtained from mango waste.

This innovative process yields remarkable leather-like material that epitomizes ecological consciousness, bio-degradability, and sustainability

Our Vision

It extends beyond addressing the issue of food waste. We envision significantly impacting and actively contributing to ecological consciousness and innovation by reshaping the leather industry and forging a path toward sustainability

Why Mango?
Wear the Change with Aamati Mango Leather
Aamati: Where Luxury Meets Sustainable Innovation
Was there a specific gap or opportunity AAMATI identified in the market?

With India's position as the largest global producer of around 20 million tons of mango annually, a significant portion of mango waste, up to 40% is typically left unutilized due to not meeting the cosmetic standards and accumulates into a landfill, with an alarming 80% of locally grown mangoes, amounting to at least 1 million tons.

AAMATI addresses this issue by incentivizing farmers for their waste and has developed an innovative method for producing mango leather eliminating animal cruelty and also embracing sustainable manufacturing practices that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.