Aamati Green is driven by the mission to transform mango waste into fruit leather, providing a practical and innovative solution for repurposing food waste into a valuable resource. In alignment with CSIR CLRI's vision, we have successfully developed and patented a groundbreaking technology for commercially producing leather-like material from mango waste. This achievement allows us to create sheets of material that possess properties like Leather.


Indulge in the opulence of Mango Leather, where exceptional craftsmanship and ethical materials converge to create a world of refined sustainable living. Harnessing the potential of mango fibers, AAMATI Green creates an extraordinary leather that boasts unique properties. Our environmentally conscious production process drastically reduces greenhouse emissions, aligning with our pledge to protect the planet.


Aamati Green's primary objective is to catalyze a paradigm shift in the leather industry. We are committed to revolutionizing this sector by introducing an exceptional range of patented fruit leather products epitomizing ecological consciousness, biodegradability, and sustainability.

While the market currently offers "Vegan Leather" as an animal cruelty-free alternative, it is predominantly composed of plastic materials like PU and PVC. Despite synthetic leather's role in facilitating mass production through petrochemical-based PU and PVC, the future now revolves around harnessing sustainable agricultural food waste.

What sets us apart from conventional animal skin-free and synthetic vegan leather is our utilization of bio-polymers derived from fermented fiber material obtained from mango pulp. This transformative process yields a remarkable leather-like material that starkly contrasts existing alternatives. By embracing this innovative approach, we actively contribute to forging a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future for the leather industry.

We are committed to a Zero- waste future